One key by vip Tom Shanon

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The atmosphere and the universal aspect of your act are very interesting. The duration is maybe too long. Good job!

Vostinic Veroljub

This is a high quality act, the duo works wonderfully and the music creates a special atmosphere. The costumes and makeup are very stylish. Bravo !

Pascal Daudey

At the circus, the hand to hand acts are numerous, yours is most probably one of the best.
My advice: Looking at your video, I got a little bored. I think that the main reason is the choice of your music… and your costume hides the expression of your face.

About your technique, everything is perfect. Congratulations for your beautiful performance.

Roger Marcello

Great presentation, very professional, like your costumes and your makeup and really like your act. I totally understand this is the style of your act….gracefully executed in slow motion to highlight and show off your artistic skills but just on a very personal note and my opinion alone, I believe that 7.30 minutes is a tad long for a slow moving act and it can afford to reduce slightly….again this is just me and others may not share my same view.

We have received your material and correspondence from time to time and we will definitely engage you in one of our productions. All the very best and wish you much success.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Beautiful classic act of hand to hand…
Nothing very original… I am not fan of tights. Your tights are maybe to the detriment of the purity of yours movements…

I know it’s intentional… but it’s so slow…


This is a very popular style act. Nearly every show can do with one. However, there are now many around. I like the fact that the girl is strong and almost the same height as he. I would look at improving the image; a more stylish perhaps sexy look (not sure about the all in ones) and to and with a big trick so that the act ends with a climax. And most importantly the music should be different. Better and suitable music that stirs the audience would make the act twice as strong.

Steve Bor

To advice this act, I needed to know, what the artists exactly did mean, when they created this act. Trick wise, it is okay, but not spectecular. My favorite is the end trick…they melt together and this is, what I would love to see the whole act. Music is very puristic and doesn’t help, costumes and make up? What is it, they want to be? To do Slomo is very difficult, needs a lot of strength and technic. Either they must do it really in every second, or leave it. Sorry for not having better comments! Hand on Hand too many on the market and to be one of the best….it is very hard work.

Manuela Löffelhardt

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Tom Shanon