One key by vip Tom Shanon

Gena Tsvietkov Facebook

Gena you are great, I watched your video with great admiration and had a great time! Your final surprised me. I admired your act throughout the course of your video. I frankly was seduced and I have nothing to add, just “bravo” for your wonderful performance.

Roger Marcello

What a beautiful introduction! Everything is there: the presence, the atmosphere, the musical atmosphere. Then, you invite us to discover your world. This is different from the majority of speed painters. You manage to connect with the audience (which is cruelly lacking in this kind of acts). You make me think of “The Little Prince” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). Then when the act becomes more dramatic, I think you should change your way of moving because you move too much as in the beginning. I would like to see another way to move. At the beginning of the act we saw the light, then we would have to see the sadness. I’m not sure that all dance choreography is necessary. I would cut some parts and I would also ensure that the act gains in rhythm by cutting at least 1 minute or 2 if possible (7’15 would be good or better still 6’15).

Carlos Vaquera

I thoroughly enjoyed your performance… you told a beautiful story and I cannot fault your performance… bravo! Music selection was profoundly soothing to begin… you set the mood and then built up your performance to an exciting crescendo !!! I am going to keep you in mind for my future projects. Wish you all the very best, you are a true creative artist… well done and congratulations.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Nice act…
Beautiful Artist …
It seems to me that you do not go to the end of your choreography… if you think that your choreography is necessary, then it is unfinished…
I like your act and your final.


It’s not comfortable to criticise someone’s work because Gena is a gifted young man and no doubt very clever. However, for me this kind of work is not really an act. His moves I found silly sometimes. It would have been different if he was a really good contemporary dancer, but he is not and that makes it work against him. I have become inpatient and bored half way.

Steve Bor

Beautiful introduction of the number, great music choice, nice painting and the unexpected surprise with the projection is awesome. The dance part was not my favorite part and I guess the stage was quite slippery. In my opinion is the number a tiny bit to long. But definitely an artist who will stay in my mind!

Nadine Imboden

That’s a poetic speed painting act with a great scenery. For me the jean do not fit with the act… find a more appropriate costume.

Pascal Daudey

Great but the act is a bit too long. Two minutes less would be perfect.

Vostinic Veroljub

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