One key by vip Tom Shanon

Konstantin Muraviev Facebook 

This has been one of my favourite acts. It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s skilful and a great story. I am waiting for the right show and contract to book him.

Steve Bor

Very good act, well done, funny and effective … The ending is great … There is everything I love … bravo.


Excellent act presented by Konstantin Muraviev. It is a real physical and artistic performance of a very high level with a character out of the ordinary. This circus artist studied at the Moscow circus, he is complete and I have no advice to give to him and I gladly grant him 5 stars.

Roger Macello

Comedy is and will be the “hardest” genre and thats why Konstantin has my full respect. I had to laugh and I have nothing more to say than…..Fantastic!!!

Manuela Löffelhardt

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance. You are an extremely clever performer. If I have to note anything and minor in the scheme of things, after Fever, there was a 15 second pause which is an eternity when on stage. Bravo, great performance!

Adam Dion Bahoudian

A funny act with a nice scenography and a real mastery of the wheel.

Pascal Daudey

I had already seen this act and I fell in love imediately. Everything is there: the character, the action, the staging, the humor, the surprise, etc. I am a great fan!

Carlos Vaquera

Nothing to say, I love the act!

Vostinic Veroljub

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