One key by vip Tom Shanon

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You have mastered your craft exquisitely… Full marks.

Adam Dion Bahoudian


A very clean, skilled performance. My advice is that you should try music change to pick up the tempo after a while. Especially towards the end of the act. At the moment it’s a beautiful act but all on the same level and a little monotonous. Perhaps a surprise wow element at the end. In the right show a very good act.

Steve Bor


Wonderful technique, nice presence, clean and elegant, however pay attention to your right hand which often remains too long behind your back. It’s my opinion… but very nice act. t



Nothing to say !

Gérald Le Guilloux


Lot of elegance in the gesture, and poetry in the act that goes from surprises after another, we remain marveled… Some times the left hand should be more discreet but the whole is a great moment of magic. My advice: be even more expressive with your face and your eyes.

Pascal Daudey


I would just choose different musik. Yannis or Kitaro and match it more to your act. Music is half of the act and carries the act and art “out” to the audience.

Manuela Löffelhardt


Your act is very clean and really beautiful but the audience knows that you are preparing your next effect, because sometimes we can see that you are taking something in your back

Vostinic Veroljub

Mike Chao One key by vip

One advice for all artists:

In show business, it’s not unusual to come across someone who could hire you, such as a producer or a talent agent, and you have to jump at the chance to talk to them. The hard part is that you may only have a few seconds or a few minutes to speak, but that’s no excuse for making a beginner’s mistake.

When you present yourself, never say: “I’m a professional artist“. This word is counter-productive. If you say this, you’re making a big mistake. The person you’re talking too will immediately understand that you’re justifying yourself and that you’re inexperienced. Just say “I’m an artist”, or “I’m a circus artist”, etc.

Tom Shanon