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I loved her the first seconds! Wonderful theme, great costume, perfect music, expression great, quality of handstand qualitiy – fantastic, requisit super and I would’nt change – NOTHING! One advice – work on the flexibiltiy – strech your legs and than……an act to remember!!!!! 🙂

Manuela Löffelhardt

WONDERFUL!!! But I would shorten the act by 30 seconds. I would also change the final which for me has nothing to do in this issue.
Everything looks simple and easy, which is the proof of the presence of a great artist! As my Master said art exists when art hides art!
I love the colors, the costume, the entrance on stage, the music, the performance and the humorous winks!

Suggestion: I do not know if it’s a good idea, but I would see a circular support behind you and your legs would illustrate the needles of a large watch (tick-tock). As there is the cuckoo clock noise in your act, it is consistent.

Carlos Vaquera

I really liked your act! Great choice of music, Great costume, Great expressions and good timing.
Bravo! I wish you all the best.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

The work is impressed me because it is high level. I would like to give contract to Vladislava just for the technique. She is great. The image is good, but something is not quite right and it doesn’t fit. Again the music, those of us who know why use Adams family music? If you want it quirky there is plenty of other music around. A few things need to be sorted and they are very important. Some changes could would turn it into a top act. May be she is already and doesn’t need my comments. ha ha

Steve Bor

Beautiful act, nice work and idea…
However do not lose during the performance your childish attitude, and your clockwork doll attitude…
The evil laugh does not fit … your act must remain charming and childish.


I like your act but it is too long. 1 minute less would be better.

Vostinic Veroljub

Nice costumes, nice music and expressions… But the act is a little too long. This act should be more thoughtful in order to give a soul to this character but very nice to watch…

Pascal Daudey

Vladislava Naraeva handstand One Key By VIP

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