Boris Nikishkin Facebook

Boris is a talented performer and I am sure that he has several good sketches in his repertoire. It’s a nice twist at the end that he can actually do one arm for real. He reminded me of when I was young, the clowns were often the best and most skilled performers. It’s a great comedy act for circus. I am not sure if he is suitable for theatre, cruise ships or cabaret.

Steve Bor

Here is an original and well thought out act, which mixes humor and beauty. It is difficult to innovate in this kind of act and Boris has surprised me several times by building his gags! He was able to make wonderful an act that is usually classic thanks to the construction of its effects and the crescendo that it puts in it. I liked it a lot and considering the applause of the audience, I’m not the only one! A clown of a new kind.

Carlos Vaquera

As a clown Boris Nikishkin is excellent. He also looks very good as an acrobat.
Generaly I prefer this kind of act without rope-safe, when the physical difficulty is visible.

Pascal Daudey

A very creative, funny act, perfect music and timing and great personality! If I would have a wish….maybe one or two more tricks at the end! Very good act!

Manuela Löffelhardt

Very original and very funny act …
Good ideas very well done, a real funny character without being too exaggerated … the final with the balloon inflated with helium is very unexpected, and very effective.
Be careful, however, not to overuse the comb … once or twice are enough …
I had fun, thinking that this parody recalls some famous balancing performers!


I really like this act, besides Boris is able to finish the act with real balances. Bravo

Vostinic Veroljub

Boris, you have talent as a clown and acrobat. I loved your staging and your ability to take the audience with you. Congratulations for this parody. I have no advice to give, continue to amaze your audience.

Roger Macello