One key by vip Tom Shanon

Svetlana Bakunova Facebook

Very nice, unusual and clean work. Not sure about the costume. Looks like rehearsal clothes. Same old problem if only there was an outstanding final trick. I like the act but is it enough?

Steve Bor

You juggle well with your hats and accessory, but you have to show us more. Change your choreography because I felt a certain monotony watching your video. Choose a more rhythmic music and change your costume by adapting it to the character you want to play. Good luck, you will succeed.

Roger Marcello

Except the surprise of the coat stand, and the routine of the three hats … there is not much going on …
Costume nonexistent, monotonous music … and even if there are some interesting technical tricks, I still seek the artistic sense …
There is surely something to do … look for … you will find …


I imagine it’s a video recording realized during a rehearsal and it’s not really the costume you use on stage ?! Svetlana you are not only juggler, you are a versatile talent, this adds a big added value to your performance. I love this original idea of playing with a decor accessory to make it alive. It is both juggling and dancing. There is a control of the body, the space and the accessories that are fascinating.
Beware, however, of a feeling of lassitude that settles down. A simple idea to break the rhythm and add a surprise: imagine if you use the rods of the coat stand to add a balance trick between them and hats, spin them, etc. I also imagine that the rods of the coat stand could slot together to make a long rod and play high with the hats. In short, you still have a lot of thing to discover.

Carlos Vaquera

Basically the idea is not bad, but……Svetlana – if you ever would be hired by myself, you need to improve on:
A = to LOVE, what you do and if you do – you need to SHOW it. You look sooooo bored, that I get bored the first 10 seconds watching you.
B = the costume is NO costume
C = music is boring, all the same, no highlights and doesn’t do anything to me.
D = would be interesting to know, what the IDEA was you wanted to create?
E = You probably did Sport Gymn. befor, so use it, to make your act a little longer!
F = Juggling skill is not bad, but also not sooooo wauuu! I’m sorry – it didn’t “hit” me at all.

Manuela Löffelhardt

She is a beautiful Girl with great skills. Unfortunately there is no expression on her face. She ist not performing for the public, she does not touch my heart. I like the end but otherwise she is not playing with the music. Passion, sexappeal and joy are missing.

Nadine Imboden

This style of act does not inspire me at all. Nonetheless you have a certain skill set and it’s okay. Unfortunately though, your act is repetitive, with the continual juggling of hats around your pole and didn’t really peak to another level. Perhaps you should consider a visual story with the pole and hats as currently it looks like a merry-go-round and goes nowhere. My dear, also you need to work on your presentation and sell your craft… a smile goes a long way. You don’t seem to be enjoying what you are doing so how can you expect your audience to engage with you. I’m sorry but on this occasion, your act did nothing for me.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Good idea but it lacks too much enthusiasm!

Vostinic Veroljub

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