Excellent work…I love it when performers like yourself take an previously done act and make it your own…well executed, bravo !!!

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Beautiful as the lady is….the tricks are good, but unfortunately -for me- not outstanding enough. High heels are great for the floor, but in the air, they cut the line of her legs. Costume is very pretty, but the music doesn’t fit to the Theme (Poker, Cards, “Mafia”?) so I would change it for sure. Open the hair earlier – it’s perfect to use during the act. Hope, someone

Manuela Löffelhardt

Theme; Black Jack? Beautiful girl, great body, nice lines and an original costumes. But the whole act did not overwhelm me, dynamic and charisma are missing.

Nadine Imboden

Very clean, do not change anything!

Vostinic Veroljub

HeeJin, you present a good act with sensuality and virtuosity that reminds us of the time of the roaring twenties. Despite a good presentation I got a little bored and it is missing a final.

Roger Macello

An act as I like: “Pack small and play big”. Executed by a pretty performer. However, I think that the staging could go further. A simple appearance of cards and bill would add a magic element of the act. Why, at the beginning of the act, take money to throw it on the ground and then take some and put them into the low-cut neckline?

Carlos Vaquera

Very beautiful lady, clean and tidy work. The staging and choreography does not look natural and it’s just a normal middle level hand balancing act. Sorry.

Steve Bor

Elegance, charm and glamor… Maybe it would be better to improve your entrance by playing more with playing cards?

Pascal Daudey

It’s a nice idea to come with a suitcase … so nice that I was expecting more creativity in the act… For me it’s too slow and it misses a bit of energy. I feel that the act is being conception… Keep going!


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