One key by vip Tom Shanon

Sergey Kapranov: Facebook

This video of the act was taken on a ship, but we don’t see any movement because the camera was on a tripod and the camera was moving exactly the same as the stage. I can assure you there was movement. Hand balancing and especial one arm is tricky with the slightest movement of the ship. The act was well executed. Perhaps a little bit slow and predictable. Not sure about the music.. Sergey looked competent and secure and that’s a good professional for me. There are a few similar acts around. Is Sergey the best of them? The answer is No. Why not? I would like something original so that the act stands out from the others.

Steve Bor

This is the typical act that I saw in the small circuses of my childhood, usually performed by the youngest of the family… There is nothing original and I think the music and the staging do not fit with the act.


My advices: positions should be more and more complex and impressive at each elevation. Nice staging and music but I would like to see a story: why do you pile chairs?
My suggestion : the presence of police officers could signify that you are in prison and prison could signify that there is a key (the key of the prison). This key could be suspended from the ceiling and every time you try to catch it, the key goes up, which motivates the addition of a chair at each attempt. At the end thanks to the last chair, you catche the key between your two feet! Bingo!

Carlos Vaquera

For me the act is very long and nothing happens. Probably I’ve seen too many Chinese artists doing it – much higher. But even so – it is very difficult, to keep it interesting! My advice – change it to a new construction – looking like a chair, but doing more tricks!

Manuela Löffelhardt

My advice: I think your act is too long, in my opinion 1 minute less would be better.

Vostinic Veroljub

Watching your performance, I felt that at points you are unsure of your performance… Relax and Slick your act.
Your music track is morbid, I suggest that you find a light-hearted track to suit your act.
I’m sorry but on this occasion your act did not inspire me. All the best.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Sergey Kapranov chair circus

Why is it so important to read the VIPs comments? Because some of them hire artists and influence the artistic trends to come !!!

Tom Shanon