One key by vip Tom Shanon

Tatyana & Denis (Russia): Facebook

It’s a beautiful act and they are great people. I can vouch for Denis and Tatyana as they were with us for 7 months recently. Highly recommend them. They also have a lighthearted and fun German Wheel act.

Steve Bor

You started off well with the ‘Imagine’ instrumental track but then your music cut out at 1.37sec, there was silence for around 03 seconds followed by the John Lennon vocal track of Imagine which in my opinion displaced the balance and feel of your act. Your aerial skills are great but your transitions from one trick to the other need to be worked on.

My advice is to keep your music tracks as instrumental so as not to deter from your act and tighten your transitions from one trick to the other. Also, to add to the danger and suspense element, I suggest presenting your act at a much more elevated height….(stage height permitting).
My best wishes for the future.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

A wonderful act, fantastic tricks and beautiful music. And this is the moment, where a little minus comes in my commend. I don’t want to see, how to prepare the straps, I want to see they know, what the song is all about. For me its not enough, to be on rhythm – FEEL each other and listen what the music “tells” you. I don’t see 🙁 But this is really the only thing – otherwise – BRAVO – I LIKE IT!

Manuela Löffelhardt

Beautiful aerial poetry, mix of strength, suppleness and aesthetics.
– I like the idea of starting separately (sage left / stage right), but I would have visualized a meeting in the center of the stage than what they propose.
– I like the instrumental track of “Imagine” but I think that the vocal track not fit. In my opinion it would be necessary to find something else or to continue with the instrumental track. Example, when John Lennon sings “Imagine all the people sharing all the words”, but the boy pushes the girl away (this is a nonsense).

Carlos Vaquera

Wonderful act of aerial straps… poetry and good technique. Music invites us to dream and this is a plus. My advice: maybe more scenario would be nice… I love “love stories”.

Pascal Daudey

Very romantic, I like very much.
My advice: at 01:40 please work with a sound engineer to try to equalize your musics, that shocks me too much.

Vostinic Veroljub

Very good choice of music… Purity of the figures… Grace and elegance… Nothing to say… wonderful act.


Very nice act, romantic and sensual… very good control of figures.

Gérald Le Guilloux

This week I share an article who will help a lot of artists:

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