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He is my friend … so I will try to be as objective as possible …
First, he has a real presence on stage and an undeniable comic ease … He knows better than anyone how to adapt to the audience he has in front of him … This video is only a brief glimpse of his possibilities … But the most important to me is that in our time, and unlike many, he does not copy anyone … he is still in creation, on the lookout of an idea that he exploits to the maximum … I know him well, I have worked a lot with him … he never falls into the routine, and even less in the vulgarity …
It is for all these reasons that he has many detractors …
So you will not be surprised by my star rating!


This magic act is acceptable…
The audience is good, I expected to be very surprised for the final but it was just a prank.

Pascal Daudey

Grégory, your talent as a magician and clown is admitted and you rank among the best professionals. Your many references and most recently your title of french magic vice-champion (on the TV Paris Première), confirm it. I have little or no advice to give you except that you may need to review your music to further emphasize the effects of your “failed tricks”.
Congratulations for your act and continue to entertain your audience with talent, as you do so well.

Roger Marcello

Mixing comedy and magic is a difficult challenge. If we see the same act several times and we laugh every time, it is the proof that it is a good act (I think for example Otto Wessely). If the second time the laughs are less present, then we must review the staging to make it even more funny. Regarding the character of the magician, it lacks a gimmick, something that makes him different from others (eg the mimicry of Mac Ronay, the energy of Carl Ballantine, etc.)

Carlos Vaquera

The magicians are often serious, a little derision makes the atmosphere less solemn, it’s good … the final made me laugh a lot, bravo 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub