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King Charles Troupe…what can I say, notwithstanding that they are dear friends of mine, they are without doubt one of the most exciting, fun, highly skilled, professional and exceptionally talented performers that I have worked with!

Adam Dion Bahoudian

I had the pleasure of having in the 90s six weeks of contract with the “King Charles Troupe” at the Sporting Club of Monte Carlo (with another team than this one, of course) and I remember them as having a wonderful public connection, a contagious sympathy and a very rhythmic act. This new team seems to me a little below the old one I knew. I think there is too much repetitive movement and not really a real story, they would have to tell us something. It would be good to review the staging to make this act even more attractive and at the same time, bring a bit more technical difficulties.

Carlos Vaquera

This American show did not interested me. For me it’s a big mess, I think they have to review everything! Good luck for the future.

Roger Marcello

Its a spectacular and skilled troupe act. Great for a big show, special events that has a suitable big stage and a budget to go with it. Although they are very good, what they can do is limited. Its one of those acts that the last minute is as good as the first, but not better. For me after 2 minutes I have seen everything. In the right show an excellent act. I wonder if they can do other acts, probably not, because today to perform only one short act as a member of a 10-12 strong group is economically not viable.xxxxx

Steve Bor

Excellent act … sport, humorous Show, rhythm, scenographic effects, unexpected development and they all master the unicycle very well.
Everything is there to spend a great moment.

Pascal Daudey

Entertaining, surprising and amazing act. But unfortunately after a few minutes it get’s a bit boring because the number does not increase any more.

Nadine Imboden

Basically a great choreographed performance, with excellent aritsten. As a spectator, however, you have to be very attentive to capture all the great tricks when following the ball. 2-3 “quiet moments” with individual artists, I would like to be able to give the performance the appreciation it deserves. For spectators, it could easily be just a “mess” of unicyclists. I have looked at it twice to see the quality of the artists. Also, I find the length of Act for such a large group too short to afford them as a producer.

Manuela Löffelhardt

I know this show, which has been successful at Barnum for decades…
If it’s not the same troupe, the principle remains the same … and I have to say that I’m not a fan of this kind of act, while recognizing its impact on the American audience …
In my opinion, the sports side take the advantage over the artistic … this is only my opinion.